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Fondation pour LA VRAIE VIE EN DIEU



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Here is a summary of what the Foundation for True Life in God is all about, the reason for its creation, the mission it has been entrusted with and formalities of importance:


Vassula says: “I have created the Foundation for True Life in God, based in Geneva, Switzerland, in order that care be taken and help provided for the diffusion of the True Life in God messages I have received since 1986. The Foundation will outlive my person and is, therefore, bound by my written instructions.  The Foundation, through its authority and statutory institutions is to observe and act accordingly, taking in particular to heart our Lord’s instructions:
remember My Holy Presence; be My vessels of Light carrying My Word and diffuse My Messages” (TLIG, April 10, 1990).



A Swiss based foundation is a legal entity, closely supervised by the federal authorities who have a legal duty to ensure that all activities rigorously comply with the statutes of the Foundation. An annual report must be submitted to this effect. This stands as a guarantee that the Foundation for True Life in God will work as intended by its founder.  Any changes to the now adopted statutes need the federal authorities’ approval. The Foundation's official birthday is March 10, 2008.


The Foundation is run by the Foundation Council of up to 12 members. Vassula has nominated the initial 9 members of the council. Henceforth the council will renew itself by majority vote, strictly following guidelines for future new members.


The Council Members are drawn from many walks of life and countries. The initial council includes members from Switzerland, UK, Singapore, Philippines, USA, Ireland and Spain.


As you know, Vassula does not receive any remuneration for her TLIG activities. This same principle applies to all members of the Foundation Council and associated TLIG executives. Only professional outsourced help such as an accountant, an auditor etc. are paid from foundation funds.  The legal capital, necessary for the creation of a foundation in Switzerland, has been provided by donations.


The Foundation’s  Mission:


The Foundation has been established by Vassula:


(a) to promote knowledge and understanding of the works entitled ”True Life in God”. The Foundation has the responsibility of ensuring the timelessness of these writings, their universal distribution in any form the Foundation may decide to employ, as well as the physical preservation of the originals.


(b) to promote unity among the Christian Churches as contemplated by the True Life in God messages, always seeking the glory of God, and the furtherance of His Kingdom for the spiritual benefit of all peoples without exception.


(c) to promote the charitable work of the Beth Myriams, as well as providing financial support, where necessary, for that work, in accordance with Vassula’s charter on Beth Myriams.


d) to ensure that Beth Myriams are run in accordance with the spirit of the True Life in God messages and adopted policies.


(e) to promote the work of, and – where necessary – provide financial support to other appropriate charitable activities that are influenced by the message of True Life in God.


(f) to ensure the long-term continuation of the work of True Life in God and evangelisation in the spirit of the True Life in God messages.


g) to defend the reputation of the True Life in God messages and of Vassula herself.


(h) to work in close contact with national True Life in God associations, whom it will serve in their evangelisation efforts and support in adversity.


(i) to ensure the publication of the messages world wide and in all feasible languages.


(j) to take care of supranational projects, of Vassula’s copyrights over the messages and to ensure respect for the following protected trade marks:


True Life in God

La Vraie Vie en Dieu

Wahres Leben in Gott

La Verdadera Vida en Dios




(k) to raise funds:

- to enable the Foundation to achieve its objectives,

- to ensure that the separate Beth Myriam Fund has the means to provide the requested support to individual Beth Myriams.


As our Founder, Vassula will always be closely involved with her Foundation's activities.


Foundation for True Life in God

Geneva, December 2009


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